Off to BKK.

Hi guys, so I'm guessing you have been very used to my long Hiatus status by now. I should be switching over to Blogspot  or Tumblr soon but I can't deny that the posting system for livejournal is just too darn accessible for me to want to make a switch over ): I am still in consideration mode. In any case, I'll be flying off to BKK tmr. Awesomeness! :D

I have so many things to do before flying off but I conked out on my sofa just now and I think i'm still in post Beerfest recovery. (not enough sleep) I'm such a last minute packer and I'm so going to regret it tmr so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I didn't forget to bring too many things :/ Am feeling so lazy these days and it's so unlike me I swear.

See you guys soon!



Hat from FEP, Bag from Vietnam, Swimwear from Bellakini, Shorts from Cotton On, Black havis from Havainnas, Wrist goodies from Phuket, Shades from Phuket

Twitter over LJ

I seriously think I update my twitter possibly 20x more than what I update here.
Am feeling extremely broke thanks to the GSS. I shall perfect the art of surviving on $10 for the next week.
also known as, eat one slice of bread in the morning, eat one slice of bread at night. Bread diet.
Some things that are not meant to be, will never be. 
This groupon coupon thing is seriously 100% jinxed. 

Take me. T-T-Take me.

Hello. I know i haven't been doing much updates so here's what has happened in my life...

x Brought the boy to the Biennale and am so glad I managed to go to all the venues
x Major re-arranging of schedules due to sch exams and upcoming hols
x Massive Mio overload to finish the 9pm series on TV
x Flipside at the Esplanade
x I visited the USS again..., and again... (to accompany friends)
x is excited for June hols. I'm heading to Phuket and BKK. CAN'T WAIT.
x koi bubble tea overload
x MASSIVE beauty products and make-up products SHOPPING
x Constantly surviving on lack of sleep
x is thinking of moving to Blogspot or Tumblr which is why i've been contemplating on updating
which is also a major fail cos I have no time to decide on one. (i have to go through the whole pros and cons process) and then ultimately, I give up and just pen down a few words here. Really ultimate fail.
x June July August September October November December (7 more months!)
okay i just like counting down to the end of the year for particular reasons...


You are so PATHETIC amelia koh.
Can you just stop being such a weakling?


I wonder if putting work as my first priority will ever be my downfall one day. Back in secondary school days, many came to me to tell me of their problems. Family problems, school problems, relationship problems. Back then, I always thought that it must mean something for them to choose me out of a class of people to talk to. Slowly, i start to realise, it could be that, I wasn't the only one they shared the problem with. Maybe they have told many and I wasn't the only one to know. A few years later when I look upon it again, I start to think, why is it that others can easily find someone to talk to when they have problems. If it really means that much to you, wouldn't you want to only share it with one or two. So now I am, past my secondary days and working day in, day out. I have relatives or maybe people in general who think I don't work hard enough or that I'm not putting my time to good use. How are you able to define that anyway. Plagued with a whole body of problems and afraid of what may come to have people tell you that it's very normal and that I shouldn't worry. That's not what I want to hear. I think of a time on that bridge. Up till now, I'm still sorry I left you there all alone. I shouldn't have. Or maybe that feeling of someone waiting on me behind is very reassuring. Thank you for calling me and still sharing me with your problems. It makes me feel more human and that I still have friends out of my social world who still wants to talk to me. I seriously do not think I'm that important a person or that I deserve special attention but its these down to earth things that makes me feel slightly alive, that i'm still worth sharing problems to. I kinda miss my problematic friends. we would sit and chat through the night over silly stuff, drink and eat ice-cream. Now that we've all grown up, working, there isn't any more time left for all these 'things' I guess. We are not young anymore, shouldn't be crying, shouldn't be eating ice-cream and feeling like you're trapped in your own world. Night.

Losing Steam

I have been busy and think that i'm losing steam. Whenever I get too caught up in work or caught up with OVER-working myself, I tend to want to go into hibernation mode. By that, I mean taking a good 48 hrs of undisturbed sleep. Some of my friends term that as going into a coma because they do not understand how someone can sleep for 48 hrs straight. (i did it before) By the looks of my calendar, I don't think my hibernation opportunity is going to come anytime soon ): Although I definitely do have a few holidays in mind to look forward to i guess. I can't wait for May to come so the boy can finish exams and do me some good old justice pampering. I believe we haven't seen each other in a week odd, which is crazily odd. I need to eat some xiaolongbaossss and watch some good old moviessss. Everyday I wake up early to go to work, sleep on trains whenever I can, come home around 10pm to eat dinner and watch the hongkong crime investigation show on Channel U and watch Mio tv after that. I will meddle with the computer for quite some time before going to bed. Trying not to think of how routine-like this is getting. 

Anyway, this week should be exciting. Tmr afternoon i'm visiting the doc. Thursday night we're celebrating my dad's birthday and the thought of having salted egg yolk crabs is just making me salivate right now. Friday is going to be terrible because I am going to be working the whole friggin day despite it being a PUBLIC HOL. Going to USS on Sunday for Charisse's birthday. probably end up being the photographer there haha. CANNOT WAIT TO TAKE THE COASTERS AGAIN. Imma gonna take it 10 times this time! although i highly doubt it cos it's a weekend and i foresee alot of people + NO EXPRESS PASS this time round ): 

I wanna go to so many places during the june hols but I think about spending away all my hard-earned money and get very depressed. (very ironic) But seriously, I haven't gone shopping in ages. The last time I did, I spent like a bomb on cosmetics. I'm so sad that i didn't manage to get the candyyumyum lippie from mac. Just removed all my nail polish. Gonna paint a new coat of color on tmr, this very nudish pink i just purchased from thefaceshop today. I'm intending to survive on just $15 till the end of the week. WISH ME LUCK haha.

95% good news

I am still waiting for the professional dance photos to be posted up by the photographer for Evocation 2011, hence the lack of updates. Shall just post up one photo first. Anyways, it MIGHT possibly be my last performance for this year since Im not able to do Next Wave due to work.

Other updates include eating alot of cheap hawker centre supper food with j. <3 Spending time with the dancers during evocation period. Finding the koi outlet at toapayoh. Visiting the doc. So basically, I have this health condition which i've been aware of since a few years now but have not done any much follow-ups to it just because i've been perfectly fine. Also partly because I was only about 19 then and I refuse to believe that I will be plagued with an illness. I only went to the doc cos it's been starting to hurt lately and the GP has referred me to a specialist surgeon. I'm not gonna reveal my condition (cos i don't wanna jinx it or anything) but i'm telling myself every day that i'm gonna be fine. So i guess this is how people actually feel when there is a possibility of something looming in the future. Quite scared and quite nervous just because a surgery might be in order here. I've been channelled to think via tv shows that surgery = risk.

I'm hoping for the best results now. (: